PHP Fog Raises $1.8M, Looks Like Heroku of PHP

PHP Fog has raised $1.8 million for its PaaS cloud targeting PHP developers. Madrona Venture Group, First Round Capital and Founders Co-op are the named investors in this round. PHP Fog is the brainchild of veteran developer Lucas Carlson, who was the lead engineer for music-on-demand service Mog and wrote Ruby Cookbook for O’Reilly Media. A PHP PaaS offering certainly should attract users, even if PHP Fog isn’t the only one at that dance.

PHP is the foundation of many large sites, including Facebook, and represents a significant portion of overall website development. Much like Google attracted Python developers with App Engine and Heroku did the same for Ruby, PHP Fog should be a hit with the PHP community. Early results support this conclusion: According to an email from Carlson, he had 800 developers sign up within a day after posting a link on Hacker News.

Notably, however, Makara, which Red Hat (s rht) recently acquired, also targets PHP developers, and Windows Azure (s msft) supports the language, as well. Across the pond, Cloud Control has its own PHP-only PaaS cloud. And then, of course, there are the myriad IaaS clouds that have broad language support. However, the fast growth of Ruby cloud Heroku (s crm) and the acquisitions of both it and Makara demonstrate how popular PaaS is becoming, and, like Heroku, PHP Fog has a uniquely simple, infrastructure-abstracted service among those supporting PHP — as well as an app store for launching popular PHP applications — so there should be plenty of developers to go around.

Image courtesy of Flickr user CalEvans.

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