Jan. 10: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Any other news today is really overshadowed by the resignations at Microsoft and AMD, but there are a couple important goings on. For instance, Oracle getting sued for essentially the same behavior that accused SAP of committing, and Switch Communications planning a huge expansion for its SuperNAP data center.

Google Megastore: The Data Engine Behind GAE (From Perspectives) This isn’t breaking news or anything, just an insightful look at the datastore underlying Google App Engine.

The Services Used By Y Combinator Startups [Infographic] (From ReadWriteCloud)This is pretty telling, actually, especially as it relates to web hosts. If startups are using cloud providers, AWS and Rackspace provide all sorts of flexibility while letting them keep costs under control.

Visualization Deconstructed: New York Times “Mapping America” (From O’Reilly Radar) Data visualization is becoming super important as everybody looks for statistics to inform their decisions, and increasingly useful. I suspect visualization startups will start making it rain for investors in  a year or so.

Lawsuit Says Oracle Pilfered Source Code from Competitor (From The Register) I hate to speculate without having any details beyond what’s in the complaint, but perhaps this is karma for Oracle’s cockiness during its very similar lawsuit against SAP.

An Epic Super-Sizing for the SuperNAP (From Data Center Knowledge) Switch Communications is an interesting company, and this an ambitious project. As a Las Vegas resident, I’m wondering why more companies aren’t joining SuperNAP in what could be a data center paradise.

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