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Vid-Biz: Samsung’s Google TV, Orb Goes Blu-ray, Amazon’s Video Plans

The ‘Lost’ Paradox: Why Some Free Shows On The Web Are So Heavily Pirated; The most pirated show of 2010 was available, for at least several months of 2010, for free via Hulu. (paidContent)

Xtranormal Videos Run Rampant on Web, Make Their Way to TV; Startup rolls out characters that look a lot like Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer and Andy Rubin. (AdAge)

Watch Slingbox on Google TV; The initial Google TV app isn’t actually an app, but rather a Flash website optimized for the platform. (Zatz Not Funny)

Stopping illegal file sharing a low priority for DOJ; Among the “significant” prosecutions the DOJ listed in 2010, only one involved the illegal distribution of digital media over the Web. (Media Maverick)

Samsung Expands Blu-ray and Companion Box Lineup; Company officially announces two Google TV devices. (press release)

Amazon Must Fast-Forward Video Plans; Hollywood executives say Amazon is trying to license content from major film studios so it can start a Netflix-like unlimited subscription service for streaming movies or TV shows. (Wall Street Journal)

Orb BR software comes to PS3 and other Blu-ray players, 1080p streaming for $20; you pop the software into your internet-connected PS3 or Blu-ray player and magically it turns into a top-shelf media streamer. (Engadget)