Verizon iPhone Finally Arriving Jan. 11?


A new press invite from Verizon Wireless (s vz) is making the rounds, announcing a special media event on Jan. 11 at 11 AM Eastern in New York City at Lincoln Center. The event could be the long-awaited announcement of the iPhone’s (s aapl) arrival on the Verizon network.

The date has already been put forward by CNET’s Rick Broida, citing an anonymous tipster, as the day of a possible event from Apple about the eagerly anticipated Verizon iPhone. While the event apparently won’t be Apple’s to host, this new press invite suggests that the date will indeed see major news coming from Verizon, and the official launch of the iPhone on its network is the best candidate for such an announcement.

Plenty of evidence has suggested that a Verizon iPhone is imminent. Supply chain checks suggest that a CDMA-compatible iPhone has been gearing up for or has already entered production. If the rest of Broida’s information also proves true, the Verizon iPhone will be in the hands of consumers by February. Whenever it does arrive, it can’t come soon enough for Verizon.

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I’ve been with Verizon for a few years now and I love their network. I’ve truelly gotten quite bored with the whole iphone thing and won’t be getting one. I have grown to love the android OS and won’t be giving it up. Don’t get me wrong the iphone is a very good phone, but it seems a bit to hyped up. I think that Android is great and it’s only getting greater.

Ed Hands

A unicorn. Perhaps they’ll get the white iPhone 4…

Sorry, I’m usually not so skeptical, but this “carrier x is getting the iPhone on such-and-such date” has left me pretty jaded an how the analyst predict these sorts of things. We’ve been hearing the “Verizon is getting the iPhone” chorus for to long now…

Mike Reilly

I’m on Verizon, and I want a Verizon iphone 4, but the January announcement and probable February delivery puts me in a dilema.
If I get the February iphone, I won’t be able to get the June Verizon iphone 5, only about 4-1/2 months later, without paying full price.
Early adopters at Verizon will be penalized, because we’ll already be 7-1/2 months into the iphone model cycle.
Unless Apple works out a deal for me, I, and other consumers, are better off waiting until June.


If Apple beats Microsoft to the CDMA market then Ballmer should just consider their mobile platform a hobby.


Steve Ballmer should have been fired long ago. He is taking Microsoft off the cliff

Magnus Maximus

Yep, this is the talk of CES, along with the huge initial success of the Apple Mac App Store (1+ million apps downloaded in just 24 hours).
Android fanbois gotta be shakin in their copycat boots. Combine new Big Red sales with a new device for China Mobile (500 million more potential customers) and Apple should have a very nice growth spurt for sure in 2011 and don’t even get me started on iPad 2 and iPhone 5 and the Super iPhone LTE models.
The World’s most popular smartphone just got MORE POPULAR ! Whoddathunkit.
A Tsunami of Apple goodness will await smart buyers around the world. This is very good news indeed.

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