Why I Hate CES, and Why I’ll See You There

I really do hate CES. Not because I dislike gadgets or the saturation of CES stories in the media, but because I live in Las Vegas. In fact, I live relatively close to the Las Vegas Convention Center; my wife works in an office tower just a few blocks away. We conduct much of our lives in the CES fallout zone. Try crossing Paradise Road or Las Vegas Boulevard anywhere in the vicinity of the convention center when CES is in town. Try getting a table at a restaurant in any Strip property anywhere. Or, better yet, don’t – you won’t succeed. But, alas, I’m heading into the eye of the storm this morning.

In fact, I’m excited about. There certainly is an intersection of consumer electronics and my usual enterprise IT beat, and I have briefings with Nvidia, SugarSync, Xi3 (modular computer manufacturer) and ng Connect (a 4G/LTE group led by Alcatel-Lucent) that I expect to be very interesting. Tomorrow, there’s an entire track dedicated to delivering content via the cloud, and I expect some of those panels to be nothing less than fascinating. Let’s be honest, it was consumer companies that pioneered delivering content via the Internet; IT just coined a great term.

So, I’m going to put on my walking shoes, get in the car, and fight through hordes of pedestrians and taxi cabs, all in the name of expanding our editorial scope – if only for a day or two. Tomorrow night, maybe I’ll even try to get an outside-the-restaurant table at David Burke in the Venetian, which is at the intersection of CES and the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. That was the only table we could land a couple of years ago, and it turns out the people-watching is spectacular when geek culture meets porn culture.

Ah, CES. Hopefully I find a parking spot, or I won’t be taking in anything beyond congestion on the streets of this fair city.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons contributor Nevermind2.