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Screencast: The Mac App Store in Action

Want to see how the new Mac App Store (s aapl) works, but you can’t because you’re at work, using an older version of OS X, or (gasp) a Windows (s msft) user? Here’s a screencast with a complete rundown of how it looks and works on your Mac.

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One Response to “Screencast: The Mac App Store in Action”

  1. It looks very much like the iPad app store, which is to say, very nice. My question though, which I’ve heard is an issue on OSX is, how easy is it to uninstall apps. I think this question is legit, since I’ve only had my iPad for a couple of weeks and already, I have about five gigs of apps installed. The apps are easy to uninstall on the iPad though, I’m just wondering if its the same for the Mac.