Hulu Plus ‘Coming Soon’ to Android Mobile Devices

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More and more users are turning to their mobile devices to watch long-form video content like the kind that’s available on Hulu. But until now, you had to be an iPhone or iPad user to get Hulu Plus on your mobile device. That’s soon changing, as Hulu announced plans Thursday to make its subscription video service available on Android tablets and mobile handsets.

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar showed off a demo of his company’s video subscription service running on an Android app during Samsung’s CES presentation. In a follow-up blog post, Hulu Director of Product Rob Wong wrote that the app would be made available on select Android phones in the coming months.

Without providing more information about the timing of the Android app release, Wong wrote that the app would only be available on phones running Android version 2.2 or better. That means that Hulu Plus will be available to a majority of Android users, but just barely: According to the latest data from the Android developers site, about 52 percent of active Android devices have Android 2.2 or above.

Android users have tried valiantly to hack their phones in an effort to watch Hulu content in the past: When Android version 2.2 was released with a compatible version of Adobe Flash installed, early adopters found they could change the user agent of their phones to log onto the online video site. But that hack was quickly shut down by Hulu. Meanwhile, more advanced users of Google TV devices — built on the Android platform — recently found they could hack their set-top boxes to reach Hulu, but that particular hack requires a soldering iron and isn’t for the faint of heart. So the availability of an “official” Hulu Plus app is no doubt welcome for Android users who have thus far had to go without.

In addition to its Android news, Hulu announced that it is finding its way onto more connected TV platforms, and Hulu Plus is now available on Internet-connected TVs from Vizio. The online video startup said the subscription service would also soon be on Vizio Blu-ray players, as well as Internet-connected HDTVs and Blu-ray players from Haier later this year.

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