Zynga Buys Social Browser Developer Flock

Zynga has purchased browser developer Flock in its latest move to beef up its workforce. Six-year-old Flock is behind a so-called “social web browser” which makes it easy for users to connect on Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites while navigating around the web. The product generated massive buzz when it first launched but never took off, and Zynga is apparently buying Flock for its technology talent rather than for the product itself.

In fact, Flock’s announcement notably does not say whether the browser will continue to be updated. Instead, Flock CEO Shawn Hardin says that the company will have “more news about our products in the month ahead.” (We’ve asked specifically whether the browser will be pulled). Flock’s developer team will be joining Zynga’s staff in San Francisco.

Last year, Zynga purchased seven companies, all of which were in the games business, which makes this buy somewhat unusual. Flock had raised nearly $30 million, including $15 million in a fourth round two-and-a-half years ago led by Fidelity Ventures. Other backers included Bessemer Venture Partners, Catamount Ventures and Shasta Ventures.