Jan. 5: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Despite the fact that it’s still a mystery how big the cloud computing business really is, it’s already having huge effects on the IT world, including shortening the timeline from idea to product, maximizing profit per server and changing CIOs’ jobs.

Information Technology Goes Global: Tanks in the Cloud (From The Economist) This is a week old, but well worth reading. It’s a look at the various methods that have been used to determine the size of the cloud computing market, by everyone from bloggers to analyst firms.

How the Cloud is Driving Profits at Rackspace (From Data Center Knowledge) This proves without a doubt that service providers have reasons to move to cloud computing beyond just customer demand. If they can charge for services and pay less to deliver resources, that’s icing on the cake.

Akamai CEO Exposes FCC’s Confused “Paid Priority” Prohibition (From SiliconANGLE) This is an interesting take, although I don’t know how much water it actually holds. If users want to pay for CDN services in addition to ISPs, that’s their choice. It’s ISPs that are the concern.

The Velocity of Obsolescence (From Metamorphic Ventures) I think the author is onto something here, and there’s evidence of the increased velocity today. We’ve been talking about ARM- and Atom-based server startups for a while, but Nvidia might beat them to the punch.

The Internet of Things and the Cloud CIO of the Future (From NetworkWorld) The future role of the CIO will definitely look a lot different than it does today. Largely automated IT via the cloud means CIOs might focus on making right decisions around analytics.

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