Jinni Raises $5 Million For Its Video ‘Discovery Engine’

Jinni, a website which offers visitors movie and TV show recommendations, has raised $5 million in a new funding round led by two strategic investors, including an unspecified connected-TV maker. On Jinni, users either enter a mood or a plot or alternatively select among various topics in order to see personalized recommendations. Jinni then refers users to where they can watch that content online.

The new cash comes from Belgium telecom operator Belgacom, the unspecified “tier-1 connected-TV manufacturer” and VC firm DFJ Tamir Fishman Ventures. DFJ Tamir Fishman had led a $1.6 million investment in the startup a year ago.

Jinni says Belgacom will use its technology to help its customers “intuitively discover video content that fits their personal tastes and moods across the three screens and networks.” It doesn’t specify whether the connected TV manufacturer is planning some tie-in of its own. Some more details in this release.


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