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Will Movieclips Make You Want to Watch a Film Again?

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When it comes to movies, how do you decide what to watch? There are too many ways to make that sort of decision, but startup thinks that watching a scene from the movie eases that decision.

Movieclips, which hosts scenes from more than 1,400 films and received $3 million in funding last November, has been increasing its focus on editorial content in order to showcase films, because it has found that scenes work well as a discovery tool.

In a survey conducted by Movieclips, 62 percent of 1000 respondents said that when it came to selecting a movie in the VOD or rental market, they preferred clips to trailers. That’s different from how users prefer to discover films still in theaters, where trailers are preferred. In addition, 96 percent of respondents said that watching clips from a film influenced their decision as to whether or not to watch the movie.

Currently, Movieclips has integrated a Netflix (s NFLX) “Add to Queue” button to its interface using the free Netflix API (there is no deal between the companies). With approximately 52 percent of site visitors being Netflix subscribers, it’s tracked a 1 percent clickthrough rate on that link, which it says is high compared to clickthrough rates on banner ads, which average between .08 percent and .15 percent.

The other data it’s tracked is the fact that 80 percent of users using this feature prefer Instant Streaming to DVD. While Netflix streaming in general is on the rise, it seems that once inspired to watch a film, users are interested in near-instant gratification.

Movieclips had a good reason for tracking these clickthroughs and figuring out what works — its goal is to strike affiliate deals with studios and providers of VOD content like Amazon (s AMZN) and Vudu, (s WMT) and then take a cut of the clickthrough. But that will require the power of using the clip as an engagement tool. With as much content as there is out there, providing an effective way for people to find a film they actually want to watch could have real value as a business model.

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