Cord Cutters: The WD TV Live Plus

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For cord cutters, life isn’t limited to Boxee Boxes and Xboxes — there’s a diverse assortment of devices out there for watching content on your TV continues to increase. In this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, Janko proves just that by experimenting with the WD TV Live Plus.

The set-top box, unlike devices such as the Roku, is optimized for playing locally hosted content, but also has access to a number of streaming services. What’s its only major flaw? Find out by watching below!

In addition, I tell everyone to watch the series Black Box TV, which deserves a lot of respect for its integration of high-quality production values, YouTube-style interactivity and experimental spirit. And Ryan talks about some of the best Twitter comments we’ve received while doing the show — tweets made by viewers like you!

Want to hear Ryan say your words out loud in a future episode? Or want us to feature your cable-dropping story as one of our weekly Cord Cutters Survival Stories? Well, then, you should email us or reach out on Twitter!

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The WD TV Live and Live Plus can be made wireless with the addition of a (very cheap atm) Buffalo Nfinity WLI-UC-GN-R Wireless-N adapter from NewEgg Works perfectly.

I use the WD TV Live in two rooms to stream everything from a server including DVD ISOs to AVI, MPG, MP4, MKV all with multi-channel audio supported. Even 1080P full resolution files stream well.

I use it more than all of my other boxes combined which include Roku, Apple TV, and PS3.

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