Jan. 3: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Heading into the new year, there are a lot of unanswered questions: Is Netflix a friend of open source? Will Facebook build more data centers? Is Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture a big deal? What can we tell from the increase in Amazon EC2 instances launced? When will Apple finally make it’s move into cloud services?

Is Netflix a Friend or Foe to FOSS? (From LinuxInsider) I get that FOSS advocates are passionate, but can we really blame Netflix for not supporting streaming on Linux PCs? It’s far more complicated than just a refusal to do so, and it’s not like Netflix is using FOSS to build proprietary software.

Will Facebook Funding Finance Facilities? (From Data Center Knowledge) It probably should, but $500 million is a lot of money and can go toward many things. It’s a fair point that if Facebook goes public, an international data center presence wouldn’t hurt.

Intel Announces Sandy Bridge. A Big Deal? You Bet! (From Forrester Blogs) Early reviews are positive, which doesn’t bode well for AMD. After record profits last quarter, it looks like Intel will move even more processors once Sandy Bridge is in production.

Recounting EC2 One Year Later (From Jack of All Clouds) This estimate/analysis of instances launched sequentially over the past four years is very telling, even in its vagueness. What’s clear is that Amazon EC2 images are more prevalent every year.

Apple’s Two-year Roadmap: Think Cloud Services (From ZDNet) I’m no Apple expert, but it seems unlikely the company will be able to resist introducing a cloud service or two this year. Regardless the time frame, though, cloud services are definitely on the agenda.

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