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Poll for the New Year: What Will Shake Up 2011?

2010 was a year of shifts and experiments as the power of streaming content began to truly change the business of entertainment. And 2011’s undoubtedly only going to be more crazy in that regard, as new deals are made and business models get tested. But what’s going to be the source of those changes?

We want to know what you think will be the biggest force of disruption over the upcoming year. Which is why we made you this handy poll!

[polldaddy poll=4320780]

If you chose the last option, by the way, feel free to expound in the comments on what you think that unknown service could be. What do you think the industry needs to continue growing? A new set-top box? A new universal content provider? The possibilities seem endless. It’s a big wide world out there. A fresh new year.

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One Response to “Poll for the New Year: What Will Shake Up 2011?”

  1. mikeloftondigital

    Eventually Google tv and Apple tv will dominate…but not yet. I think we are 1-2 years from that shift. Right now Hulu Plus and Netflix are disrupting the old model. I don’t know what can save cable. Yes I do…an ala carte model. Let people pick the 10 channels they watch 90% of the time. And charge them accordingly. Throw in the over the air broadcast channels and local independents and no one would ever cut the cord…no one. Or…shove 100 channels down their throat and fill the channels with ancient content libraries from media giants…put old movies no one wants to watch everywhere…weather channel, tv guide channel, throw those old movies on any channel, doesn’t matter, no one will notice…and charge them $150/month. Yeah…that’s sustainable.