Leno, Pandora, Cheesy Sausage: 2010’s Best GigaOM Vids


The tech world is filled with fascinating characters, and this year, we at GigaOM TV turned our cameras on many of them to get their stories firsthand. Our video library is bursting with great content, so finding ten of our favorites was a tough decision, but after much deliberation, we came up with a list that showcased the breadth and depth of GigaOM TV.

So, in no particular order, here are the best GigaOM videos of 2010 (and be on the lookout for even better videos in 2011!):

Green Overdrive Visits Jay Leno’s Garage
Not only was it a coup for our fledgling green auto show to land a big celeb like Leno, but it was amazing to see just how knowledgeable The Tonight Show host was about eco-friendly technology. It’s no secret Leno had a pretty rough year when it comes to public opinion, but we defy you to watch this video and not be swayed by his car smarts and dedication.

Cord Cutters – Holiday Gift Guide
Cord Cutters is a little ahead of the curve (NewTeeVee predicts cutting the cable cord won’t go mainstream in 2011), but that made it the perfect time to launch this how-to guide for people wanting to take full advantage of over-the-top video technologies (and save money). This holiday guide gives you just a sampling of how many options are out there right now for consumers wanting to live cable-free.

Naval Ravikant on Being an Entrepreneur
Ravikant has plenty of experience as a successful entrepreneur and angel investor. He was kind enough to pop into the GigaOM TV studios to share some of his knowledge for those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Pandora’s Tim Westergren
Westergren was a man on a musical mission. Through his passion and dedication, he was able to build Pandora, one of the most popular music recommendation/streaming services out there. His story of perseverance is inspiration for anyone with a dream to create something revolutionary.

Be sure to check out part 2 of the interview.

Flash 10.1 is Sluggish on Android
Our audience loves demos, and this one did not disappoint. One of our most popular videos of the year, we showcased the Flash player running on the Android mobile platform.

Max Levchin Opens Up
You may think you know Levchin from his PayPal (s ebay) and Slide (s goog) notoriety, but the key to this interview is just how personal he gets. One of my favorite anecdotes from any interview we did this year, Levchin tells of how as a young immigrant to this country, he worked with a singular focus on speaking without an accent. A must-watch for anyone looking to see the other side of entrepreneurship.

Green Overdrive Tests Out the Tesla 2.5 Roadster
I’m not sure if it’s the lesson for short-skirted celebrities on how to get in and out of the car all ladylike or the unbridled smile that breaks across Katie’s face as she hits the accelerator on the L.A. freeway. But more than anything, this episode shows how technology can make motoring fun (oh, and eco-friendly too).

Mapping the Human Brain
This one’s not for the weak of heart or weak-minded. This is a deep, big-think-y interview Stacey did with Dharmendra Modha, manager of cognitive computing at IBM (s ibm). Modha’s ideas are gigantic and deal with mimicking the human brain through computers. It’s a beefy discussion, sure, but it’ll leave you full of ideas after you’re done.

Kevin Checks Out Kinect
Here’s what I like about my colleague, Kevin Tofel: his sincerity. He’s not hung up on appearances or preoccupied with being cool. He’s just a dude who loves his gadgets and his family. And in this demo, he got to combine them both as he took on his son at a game on the Kinect. Sure, you’ve seen the Kinect in action before, but have you seen a tech reporter having that much fun?

BBQ&A with Auditude
When I first pitched the notion of a show where we bring Silicon Valley execs out to cook for us, it was met with no small amount of skepticism, but three words helped ease those concerns: cheese. filled. sausage. Auditude’s CRO Mike Gaffney was the first to get grilled and he was a good sport. This show won’t help you spot the next big tech trend, but it will give you an appetite for more.

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