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Create Detailed Contact Pages for Your Website With Formsly

Let’s face it: Contact pages on websites are usually boring. At best, they provide visitors with the information they’re looking for; at worst, they can confuse or discourage a potential customer.

Formsly gives your visitors detailed information about your business — the sort of information that you might find on Yelp or Google Places (s goog) — but that information is embedded in your own website, and you can control its format and content.

In addition to the usual address and phone information, pages from Formsly can include integrated Google Maps, and turn-by-turn directions to your location. Formsly’s contact forms include a CAPTCHA to discourage spam, and can route email to the relevant department with CC and BCC support.

In order to set up the service, you log into the Formsly site and provide it with the data you wish to display. You can preview the results, then copy the simple HTML that Formsly provides directly into the appropriate web page.

Formsly has both a free plan and paid plan. The latter adds some nice options, including being able to add Google Street View, your latest tweets and social media profiles. The paid plan also lets you customize the contact page in various ways, add branch offices, and view and download visitor tracking data.

You can see a demo or sign up here. The paid plan costs $11.95 per month.

I found Formsly very easy to set up and use. Smaller companies may prefer the free plan, but the paid plan is probably a good value for larger businesses with multiple locations.

How do you manage the contact information on your website?

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