7 Top Mobile Posts of 2010


Another year has come and gone, giving me time to reflect on the past dozen months in the world of mobile technology. Just think: At this time last year, there was no Apple iPad (s aapl) (and therefore no real consumer tablet market to speak of), Google Android (s goog) was just starting to build momentum with Android 2.0, and there might have been one readily available smartphone in the U.S. running on a 1GHz processor.

I could go on and on reminiscing, but rather than share my thoughts on the prior year, I’ll let your results do the talking. Based on the times you viewed them, here are the top seven GigaOM Mobile posts from 2010:

  1. Of Course You Can Tether the iPad. There was some healthy debate over the term “tether,” but this post explaining that an Wi-Fi iPad can easily be used anywhere with a MiFi hotspot was spot on when you think about it: Verizon (s vz) eventually offered the iPad with a MiFi bundle.
  2. What’s the Best Android Phone for Verizon Right Now? Droid X. Only one review made the list, and it was the Droid X (s mot), which I throughly enjoyed using this summer. It wasn’t a perfect device (there’s no such thing, to be honest), but it turned me on to handsets with larger screens.
  3. Android Sales Overtake iPhone. What a ruckus this post caused, with 222 comments and counting. The second quarter of 2010 marked the first time that Android surpassed the market share of Apple iOS handsets. We can debate the semantics all day long since Android runs on numerous handsets from multiple manufacturers while Apple is the only one making iOS phones, but it’s no less impressive that Google has at least challenged Apple in the mobile market in such a short time. Personally, I use ’em both, which is a win-win scenario in my book.
  4. How To Sync Multiple Calendars to the iPad with Google Sync. It didn’t take me long to get an iPad, but as quickly as I got it going, I ran into a snag because I use nearly a dozen Gmail calendars. Ironically, I now use an Android tablet much more than my iPad, and of course, no workaround is needed!
  5. Windows Mobile vs. Android: WinMo Is Better Than You Think. Although this thought piece was written in November of 2009, many people clearly spent 2010 thinking about the pros and cons of mobile platforms from Microsoft (s msft) and Google. Of course, Windows Mobile is riding off into the sunset as Microsoft debuted Windows Phone 7. Maybe it’s time for a new comparison piece?
  6. How To Stretch Battery Life on the Evo 4G. A cloud-centric Android phone with radios for both WiMAX and 3G could spell doom and gloom for battery life, but this lengthy list of strategies can save plenty of juice.
  7. Forget iWorks — I’m Editing Google Docs on the iPad. Yup, another of my early iPad experiences: this time, the struggle to incorporate it with the cloud. Thanks to newer apps and other web services, it’s not so much of a problem these days, but I was glad to find this productivity app not long after buying an iPad.

What an amazing year it was, and not just because of the fast paced improvements in gadgets, phones, software and services. Those are all just “things” we talk about here and ultimately, it’s you, the readers, that have blessed us in 2010.

Thanks for all of your thoughts, commentary, and even your criticisms, because together, they make this site better. I’m looking forward to what 2011 brings us and by this time next year, I’ll know how many of my 13 mobile predictions for 2011 came true or not. A heartfelt Happy New Year to you all!

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