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QuietWrite: A Minimalist Web App

If you find that the busy interfaces of standard word processors  detract from your ability to concentrate, there are several options for “distraction-free writing,” including WriteRoom, OmmWriter and DarkRoom. Now there’s a web app called QuietWrite that tries to create a similar environment.

As you might expect, the site is simple. Just push the “Click to write” button, and you’re taken to an almost-blank screen. You can close the tip that displays when you first visit, and the navigation bar disappears after a few seconds. You can start writing immediately, but if you want to return to your work, you’ll want to register a username and password. You’ll also want to put your browser into full-screen mode.

Writing is limited to text only: no formatting, no links, no bulleted lists. Editing is limited to what can be done by the browser (such as Control-C or Command-C for copying). You can create document titles. Writing is saved automatically, but if you’re nervous, you can use Control-S or Command-S, and there’s a Save button in the navigation bar.

For now, QuietWrite has very few features, but the developers tell us they are considering adding support for offline editing, an iOS-optimized (s aapl) version, the ability to send writing directly to popular blog platforms, themes and more customization options.

I have to admit that simplifying the screen probably won’t do much for my ability to focus, but if you think it will make a difference for you, give QuietWrite a try. It’s free and in beta.

How do you concentrate while writing?

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