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NookColor Now a Kindle Reader and Android Tablet

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Owners of the Barnes & Noble (s bks) NookColor e-reader can now expand their digital library with Amazon Kindle titles, thanks to the device’s use of Google Android (s goog). CrunchGear today notes that rooting the NookColor allows for installation of the Android Market, and that opens up the ability to install the Kindle for Amazon (s amzn) application. You’ll need a microSD card and these relatively simple rooting instructions put together by Blog Kindle. After that, you can pick and choose your e-bookstore based on price or title.

While this process opens the NookColor to Kindle content, it helps turn the device into more of an Android tablet device at a reasonable price. The NookColor retails for $249, or roughly $350 less than the Samsung Galaxy Tab that’s currently never out of my reach. The Wi-Fi Nook doesn’t have the integrated 3G that my Tab does, but it doesn’t have a monthly data bill either. Access to the Android Market brings a world of possibilities beyond e-books: web browsing with a different browser, using Gmail, social networking, online video content, games and more.

This development makes the NookColor more attractive to at least two audiences. Folks that already purchased Kindle content to read on a phone or a computer might be more apt to grab the Barnes & Noble device, since it can leverage a user’s current Kindle bookshelf. And it can still be used for native B&N content in case of price differences between titles. The other group is made of people looking for a solid, but inexpensive, 7-inch Android tablet without a monthly charge. Had I not purchased a Tab earlier this month, I’d strongly be considering a NookColor right about now, since I’m in both camps. Thanks to available hacks, the NookColor is becoming both a versatile e-reader and tablet!

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7 Responses to “NookColor Now a Kindle Reader and Android Tablet”

  1. Today I installed HP’s iPrint software on my Nook Color (via Android Market) and I can now print photos to my HP C310 printer.

    One wonders how much longer B&N can hold back the tide on such useful capabilities? I plan on taking my Nook Color over to my local B&N this afternoon and buzzing them with X-Plane 9 to fly home the point. :-)

  2. I installed the Kindle app and the usual suspects Fandango et al but the most fun I had was dropping $10 on X-Plane 9 and taking my Nook Color out flying… (B&N dropped the $$$ for a full accelerometer!)

  3. I just bought the Nook yesterday to be my 7″ Android tablet. Kindle, Repligo, Docs To Go and Dropbox work as they do on my EVO. I am trying out the sScope browser and finding it better than Dolphin HD for pinch to zoom. Wireless tether works like a charm with my rooted EVO.

  4. I have a B&N and if B&N wants to stay ahead of the market place, leaving the NookColor (NC) “open” is a win-win for them. What they may or may not lose on book sales, if prices are different, they will make up for in increase use by ‘rooted’ NC folks. As they say, location, location, location, I use my NC and have always on and see so many items I would not without it, so I use it more and more…PLUS everyone asks what I have as “seeing” what I am able to do (besides just read books)…OH, I understood it was just a book reader and the Kindle is cheaper, Movies, Family pictures, Music, Youtube etc. The only draw back I see it the battery is not replaceable (apple kind of thing) and I would not have purchased it, a gift so I now see IF I had know about all these features I MIGHT have even with the closed Battery issue.

    IF B&N is smart they have a low cost “trade-in” the NC batteries and make the next version NC battery replaceable.

    One can have a Kindel, Web email, Apps, and everything Android (use the phone for calls) has to offer PLUS so much more without having to have a data plan for the phone and a 2nd data plan for the tab.

  5. I rooted my NookColor a few of weeks ago, and it transformed the device. I have access to the android marketplace, and the Thinking Space Pro mind mapping application is especially good on the 7″ screen.

    Hopefully B&N will open the default NookColor up a little when their market becomes available, but how many developers are going to write optimized apps using the NC’s SDK?

    One of the first things I did was install the XScope browser as it seems to operate faster than the stock browser and has pinch to zoom.

    Hopefully now B&N knows the Kindle app is being loaded onto the NC, they won’t be too upset and start making our devices reboot back to stock…

    • Nice! Maybe I should have looked into the NookColor a bit before I went with the Tab, although I do like having integrated 3G. It will be interesting to see if B&N lets this customization continue or if they attempt to lock it down via firmware – hopefully, they embrace it although it could help Kindle content sales more than B&N would like.