Google Tests More Intrusive Ad Placement in Gmail Web Interface


The independent Google Operating System blog is reporting that some Gmail users are now seeing ads below messages. Gmail has long displayed ads in its web interface, to the right of incoming messages. But some are complaining that the new placement makes it more likely that people will click on ads accidentally when they want to reply to a message.

I am not yet seeing the new ads in any of my Gmail or Google Apps accounts. Of course, one can avoid ads by using ad blocking browser extensions, or by signing up for the $50 per account per year Google Apps for Business service (previously called Google Apps Premier).

It could be that the new ad placement, if it becomes more widespread, is an attempt by Google to increase signups for their paid service, which, in addition to being ad-free, offers more features, including bigger mail storage, additional business apps, enhanced security and spam-fighting tools, as well as an uptime guarantee and priority support.

Would additional ads change your use of Gmail or Google Apps?

Image courtesy of Google Operating System


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