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Sleipnir Mobile and 360: Two New Web Browsers for iOS

Sleipnir Mobile and the 360 Browser have joined a growing group of alternatives to Mobile Safari, the web browser that comes with the iPhone and iPod touch (s aapl). Tabs, data sync with Firefox, download management, and access to Flash (s adbe) content highlight the features these browsers offer, making them worthy competitors to the likes of Opera Mini and Skyfire.

Sleipnir Mobile has been developed by the company that produces Sleipnir, a desktop browser popular in Japan. It brings tabs to the iOS browsing experience, but it also has a well-designed interface and an interesting system for managing bookmarks. It’s being called “the most innovative iPhone browser to date.” The app is free (iTunes link).

The new version 2.0 of the 360 Browser offers a built-in download manager and syncing of data with Firefox (similar to Firefox Home). 360 Browser also has a converter plugin that allows you to watch some Flash content and an unusual navigation system that looks like an old-fashioned phone dial (remember those?) The app costs $0.99 (iTunes link).

After a quick spin, both look promising. 360 is the more full-featured of the two, but if you often need to navigate between multiple pages easily, Sleipnir’s easy-to-use tab functions may be of interest.

What browsers do you use on your mobile device?

One Response to “Sleipnir Mobile and 360: Two New Web Browsers for iOS”

  1. I’ve been using skyfire since it came out (for iPad) and find that it meets my needs for flash video nicely. Regarding flash, I think that a server side conversion would be better than a native one, which is what it sounds like the 360 browser has.

    For tabs I use the atomic browser, currently the lite version because I feel that the paid version doesn’t offer enough extra features to warrant an upgrade.