Cord Cutters Confessions: Why We Canceled Cable


Cord cutters are all around you, and they’re as enthusiastic about watching good TV as everyone else. That was one of the first things we learned when we started to work on our weekly Cord Cutters show a few months ago. In fact, we quickly realized that many of our coworkers here at GigaOM have already cut the cord — and we thought it would be fun to share some of their stories with you:

We’ll resume our regular schedule of weekly device recommendations, how-to’s and web series reviews next week.

In the meantime, please tell us why and how you cut the cord: Fire away in the comments, tweet about it using the hash tag #nocable2011 or send us an email to cordcutters (at)

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I made the decision to cancel TWC cable and internet, and just get AT & T’s DSL. All I had with Time Warner was their lowest tier that was just the networks anyway, and I found I couldn’t catch things when they aired so I was using hulu anyway. I bought a program called PlayOn which streams hulu and other programs to the TV. Anyway, TWC raises their rates every year without fail, and for 2011 the total bill for networks and internet was going to be $83. When I called to cancel, they offered to chop $25 off the bill, which actually made me even madder. If you can make a profit selling it to me for $58, then why aren’t you already selling it to me for $58 instead of raising the rates all the time?! Anyway, the DSL is about $33 a month including taxes, so I saved $50 a month on cable. I bought a $15 antenna but then learned that my 2002 TV was too old for such things and I’d have to get the converter, which wasn’t worth it. So, I bought a new 46″ LCD TV to go with my antenna (I know, wagging the dog, but it was time) for $600 on a no-interest 12 month payment plan and guess what? That’s $50 a month! And oh yes, the over the air HD picture quality is very good!


I’m still not clear how to get news that’s going on right now. Does the Roku Newscaster channel have real time news? What about if there’s a major event going on?


Love the vid! Just Tweeted it to our followers. We nominate you for the “Best video we’ve seen all year” award.


If you have XBMC or Boxee or Apple TV you can get the Navi-X and watch all the network shows and other content that is available from various sources .My Original Xbox is used as a Media center in the Bedroom running XBMC and Navi-X.

As for live sports the MyP2P website that NewTeeVee has covered in the past is still online and the links to the streams are regularly updated .

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