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Our Bets For Digital Media In 2011

With the book nearly closed on 2010, it’s time to peek around the corner at 2011. Without further ado: eight predictions from the writers of paidContent, mocoNews and paidContent:UK. Read on to find out what next year has in store for Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX), e-readers, Microsoft’s mobile business, the IPO market –and a whole lot more. Feel free to chime in with your own predictions in the comments below.

One Response to “Our Bets For Digital Media In 2011”

  1. I noticed a lot of technology prediction lists are missing NFC when there was an obvious motion between ISIS, Bling Nation, Visa PayWave, HID, Google NFC, Apple NFC rumors going on for early 2011 for the past six months.

    I believe NFC-equipped phones will be the new “Premium SMS” in 2011. There is no need to put out a poster with the message “text blah-blah to 1234” anymore as an embedded NFC chip on a poster can allow people to place their mobile phone and pay for content over their NFC mobile phone such as a premium article.