So Long James and Thanks For the Mobile Tech!


Has it really been two years and five months since James Kendrick and I joined GigaOM? Indeed it has, to the exact day, no less, and the journey has been one of knowledge, collaboration and community. But everyone has a different path in life, and today, James is setting out on his. After many posts and engaging commentary on mobile technologies here, James is today leaving GigaOM and will take up the keyboard at ZDNet in the near future, blogging about mobile technology.

I think Om said it best the day that James and I joined up with GigaOM: “jkOnTheRun is one of the rare blogs that covers the world of mobile gadgets with razor-sharp wit and insight. More importantly, it has a genuinely consumer-centric point of view.” It’s that wit and insight fused with matters that mobile consumers care about that James brought to GigaOM and, having personally worked with him since 2003 (even though we didn’t physically meet until 2005!), I know that James will continue to deliver such attributes to readers everywhere.

While we’re sad to see James go, we wish him nothing but the best. And of course, once he gets settled in his new digs, I’ll have a new mobile technology RSS feed to follow for coverage on our Mobile channel here at GigaOM. Good luck, James!


Rod Jackson

James! You’re leaving Gigaom and going somewhere else??!!!
Why did it take so long??!!



I’ve always loved how James puts a personal touch on his tech reviews and articles. Will certainly be following him over at ZDNet.


As has already been said, I trust your opinion on mobile technology and you have ultimately affected my purchasing decisions for the better.

I look forward to seeing you in your future role at ZDnet.


James Mccorn

As others have said, I too have felt that JKontherun lost a lot of the down-to-real-life-vibe that had me hooked when it was acquired.

James you put real life into your review of the Sony u1 and showed how it can work outside a cubical wall. If you can re-capture that magic again it would make all the difference in the world.

Cheers to your new position – James


Bye, James. You’ll be greatly missed by me and every other reader of jk on the run. D,:

I’ll make sure to follow you, but I don’t use rss, it’s just a personal preference. Take it easy, and happy holidays. :)


All the best from Finland too! Keep the videos coming no mather where you post them!

Podcast still stays the same right?



wow, for a second there i thought James had died, Kevin maybe should have worded that headline a little different!

not to be negative, but ultimately it’s probably good thing. i took this website out of my RSS quite awhile ago since it had become 1 of those quota-based articles per day that GigaOM is known for (too many wildly speculative articles that just feel way to “forced”) instead of that normal guy vibe who buys mobile tech & blogs about it.

although i miss those old days, luckily we still have guys like Chippy, JKK, & Sascha who keep things on an enthusiasts level & not that trend hopping overview look at tech like GigaOM/LeoLaporte types are known for.


He didn’t say “Rest In Peace, James” so I didn’t believe that headline signaled a death.

Will someone else cover the Android world at this site?

Jose R. Ortiz

I have to say it has been inspiring to see someone turm their passion into what jkOnTheRun was. Thanks for giving us mobile tech enthusiasts a forum to share and discuss with others and I look forward to your work at ZDNet.


I’ve been following James on jkontherun for the past 4 years! I’ll have to track you down on ZDNet to keep up with your reviews man!

Zack Lee Wright

Wow this is kinda shocking, I guess time changes everything. I certainly hope this is not a “physical” move (you’re not leaving H-town) and just a virtual move on the net only (much easier move for sure). Best of luck with the new gig and I will try to find you over there somewhere.

Tax Man

I am a long time fan of you both. I love your writing and your friendship. James, I’m looking forward to reading what is on your mind.


Somehow, this news is not very surprising. Ever since jkontherun was acquired by GigaOm, I felt it gradually lost its unique appeal and found myself visiting the site less and less. It could be my bias, but James’ articles were less enthusiastic and sometimes felt they were written for the sake of meeting post requirements. I still love Kevin’s writings but they are scattered all over the Gigaom network and it becomes frustrating to find them. I miss the old jkontherun dearly and hopefully this change will bring some part of the old site flavor back. Best luck JK, and I will make sure to follow you.

Phil Lee

I completely agree with this. JKOnTheRun used to be the first page I’d check out each day. I really enjoy both James and Kevin’s writing styles but felt they were being lost in the corporate web page that is GigaOm Mobile. I will stick around here to read Kevin’s articles and wish James all the best in his new venture.


I’ll second that. Its sad that the URL that was the go to site for mobiletech is now gone for good. Hopefully James will be able to get back to how jkontherun used to be at ZDNet. Best of luck James, you know we’ll still be following you.


Thanks for all the mobile tech news. I will surely follow you over to ZDnet. JKontherun was always a daily visit, now I’ll just visit ZDnet as well. Congrats on the move!


James and Kevin are my favorite bloggers about mobile tech by such a long shot it is hard to calculate. I have so enjoyed Mobile Tech Manor and Mobile Tech Roundup (with Matt). So now two of the three MTR will be at ZD. Does that mean MTR might continue? It is one of the top two or three podcasts going (with Leo, of course).

Best of luck James and keep on truckin’


Wow! Congratulations, James! I remember when you were just a pup hauling 30 lbs. of portable technology around airports, and wildcatting for black gold.

Exciting growth and change. I’m looking forward to the new blog, but also to watching this one continue its evolution. Kevin’s got big shoes to fill, and it’s a good thing he has his son to help with the tough work of tech journalism.

Fantastic work all around. I hope you write a retrospective on all of this one day, James. You built up this blog before blogs were cool, but you also built a community.


Yes James best of luck. I remember when I first ran onto your site when you had posted about the Sony U1. Ever since I have followed your web site. With the great information that you would post. Now I will just add your new link to my RSS feeds. Now I will have 2 to follow at zdnet. :)

Sascha Pallenberg

I am finally gonna add my first ZDNet RSS-feed to the Google reader. It will be kinda weird to read your articles in a different environment but hey, i will get used to it.

merry christmas to all you guys and see you at CES.

Wayne Schulz

I bought an EVO and now a Galaxy Tab because of you (neither of which I regretted). I don’t miss a single Podcast and have grown to love the insight that you provide on various mobile technology.

You always bring a down to earth focus on tech and I trust the opinions of people who put their own money into gadgets.

Thanks and good luck!

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