Vid-Biz: Google Goes Hollywood, Comcast VOD, FilmOn

Google and Netflix: The Next Hollywood Moguls?; the two companies may start paying for the rights to films before they’re even made. (Forbes)

Comcast Doubles the Amount of Same-Day-As-DVD Movies On Demand; there were more than 200 such releases in 2010. (BusinessWire)

FilmOn To CBS: ‘We’ll Fight You Hypocritical, Thieving Liars’; FilmOn’s billionaire founder has made a public internet tirade against one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit preventing it from restreaming four U.S. networks. (PaidContent UK)

Do Americans Watch More DVR’d Commercials Than You Think?; a Nielsen study delves into the question. (Nielsen Company)

iPhone & Android Lead the Way for Mobile Video Viewing; the two devices easily outpace all other options, in the US as well as globally. (Mefeedia)

Appeals Court Shoots Down Akamai’s Patent Claims Against Limelight; the rejection of this appeal might likely end Akamai’s case for good. (PaidContent)

Fandango Goes Big Screen on the iPad; the movie ticketing service has updated its iOS app to work for iPads. (Mashable)

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