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Cord Cutters: Can You Entertain Your Kids Sans Cable?

There’s always some reason people have for holding onto their cable subscriptions, and one of the more common excuses is this: Parents are afraid of cutting the cord to their kids’ favorite shows. But Janko has been there and done that, and in our tenth episode of Cord Cutters, he’s got plenty of tips for parents interested in cable-free options for children’s programming.

In addition, Ryan explores the streaming capabilities of the PlayStation3, where access to Netflix, Hulu Plus and VUDU means more than enough content to keep TV junkies happy. And I review the series Merry Holidays, Please Hold, a comedic take on customer service and the Christmas season.

As always, we actively seek your tales of dropping your cable, potentially for featuring in our new series of Cord Cutters Survival Stories. So please reach out to us via email or Twitter to tell us how the cable-free life is treating you!

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4 Responses to “Cord Cutters: Can You Entertain Your Kids Sans Cable?”

  1. What’s up with that shirt? I tracked it down to this site; The shirt is far more important here than keywording the term cord-cutter. This tubefilter expression, ‘Cord-cutter’ will go down with ‘meme’. Seriously, everyone here is cordless now? And if that is so, then how are we suppose to connect our computers to our wifi machines? And what are our wifi machines connected to? And how am I supposed to connect my computer to my wifi machine, and then to my time machine? Have any of you thought about this?

    And back to this shirt, what’s up with that shirt? And why is the Yeti blue with white fur? Isn’t that racist?

  2. Matt Hendry

    My family for lived for 6 months with just Netflix and other streaming options like HULU and the kids did better than me and the Mrs .My wife and I needed our cable back but the kids are quite happy with the streaming options and will still go to thier rooms and watch shows on their computers .

  3. Although we have not cut the cord, 90% of what my kids watch is not through cable. Netflix streaming is excellent for kids, especially the iPhone app for long car rides. Between that and Tivo’ing over the air shows from PBS or other local stations, my kids are set. I have better control over what they watch. They see fewer commercials. What’s not to love?