Google Voice Continues Free Calls Through 2011


Google Voice (s goog), a VoIP service which offers voice calling from mobile devices and from Gmail’s web interface, has announced that it will continue to offer free calls in the U.S. and Canada through 2011. Google Voice has been free for U.S. users since earlier this year, but Google had previously said that free calling would only be available through December 2010.

Now, however, Google is extending free calling “in the spirit of holiday giving,” according to a post on the Google Voice blog.

It seems that Google Voice is growing in popularity, despite having had several outages in recent months. There are presently no GV phone numbers available in my area, but it’s possible to select numbers in many locations.

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Charles McPhate

I think you’re confusing Google Voice and Calling in Gmail. The two blog posts you link to refer to free calling in Gmail; they don’t mention anything about the full Google Voice app planning to charge for calls. To do so would cause a lot of problems for Android users (like me) who currently have Google Voice integrated with their cell phones. It wouldn’t make sense to use minutes AND pay for using Google Voice when I could just use Verizon’s free long distance to make calls and bypass Voice.

Charging for Gmail calls may be in their plans, but I don’t think charging for Google Voice is. At least, I haven’t heard a single rumor about it (except this post).

Charles Hamilton

You make a good point. I haven’t heard about any long-term plans to charge for Google Voice, either.


I’ve been using GV for ALL my long distance calling for about 10 months. Even if they were to charge a small amount (it now costs $0.02/min to call from USA to NZ landline), I would stay with it. Has worked great for me EXCEPT Google has been promising Outgoing Caller ID forever and it still isn’t here. That would make it almost perfect. (Not that I’m complaining about a free service!)

Jerry Titus

I’ve been in the telecom industry since 1983 and have been using Google Voice (previously Grand Central) since 2006. In my opinion, GV is the killer app that has the potential to save (or kill) the traditional wire line telecom business but neither Google nor Verizon or AT&T seems to have recognized it.

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