Dec. 21: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Everybody’s misguided sometimes, and that includes computer scientists and software vendors. Today brings news that Akamai lost its patent-infringement appeal against Limelight, Microsoft’s absent hybrid cloud strategy might be affecting Hyper-V adoption and everyone might be wrong that having the fastest supercomputer is so important.

Smarter, Not Faster, Is the Future of Computing Research (From the New York Times) This is a very good point, and it’s difficult to taker much umbrage with it, as software really is the secret sauce in high-end systems. But there’s something to be said about maintaining supercomputing dominance.

Akamai Loses Appeal in Limelight Patent Scrum (From ZDNet) Akamai is presently in patent-infringement litigation with Cotendo, as well. Although they address different patents, I wonder if any issues resolved in this case will affect the Cotendo case.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Cloud Computing (From TIME Magazine) This is TIME Magazine’s take on Google’s Chrome OS and other web applications. It’s probably a fair assessment, but I would shy away from positioning Chrome OS as the epitome of “cloud computing.

All-in-a-Box vs. Big 4 (From Cote’s People Over Process) Here’s another take on whether CIOs will be swayed more by “one throat to choke” or “one big check to write” when it comes to converged infrastructure. Server makers seem to be betting on the former.

Gartner’s Numbers for Virtualization Say it All (From ReadWriteCloud) The real nugget here is with regard to Microsoft Hyper-V underperforming, perhaps because there’s no easy onramp to the public cloud. Microsoft has made strides, but there’s a long way to go.

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Image courtesy of Peter Ward.

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