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FilmOn To CBS: ‘We’ll Fight You Hypocritical, Thieving Liars’

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FilmOn may have been handed a temporary restraining order preventing it from re-streaming four U.S. TV networks, but the service’s billionaire founder is retaliating with a public internet tirade against one of the plaintiffs.

In webcam videos posted to YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) as “CBSYouSuck“, Alki David says: “CBS (NYSE: CBS), through its subsidiary CNET, has distributed over one billion pirate illegal file sharing softwares, as well as DRM cracking softwares…”

CBS-owned CNET makes software available through its site, either via hosted download or via off-site link. “Even the editors’ notes tell you what to do and how good that software is,” says David, suggesting hypocrisy.

Whilst makes available many P2P and Bit Torrent applications, neither protocol is in itself illegal, and has, for example, delisted the Limewire application, whose maker received its own court order barring distribution.

FilmOn has not actually stated whether it will appeal the order in court. The online videos from David – a Hollywood actor, producer and webcam exhibitionist – won’t affect the order, though his point is effectively made…

Guess what, Mr CBS, we’re not going anywhere, we’re going to fight you, we’re going to show exactly the way things are and how to do it right. Dunne, Moonves, Redstone – the lot of you are a bunch of hypocritical, thieving liars – you have single-handedly destroyed the entertainment business in the twenty-first century.”

FilmOn’s lawyer in the case has withdrawn from representing the service, saying: “I have an irreconcilable conflict with Alki David,” according to court documents. The judge is now waiting for FilmOn to appoint a new counsel, lest it risk her making a default order against it, and to inform her whether it will again oppose the TV networks in court.

FilmOn did announce some supposedly legal business last week – a deal with a small cable company, FTTH Communications, allowing its 1,200 customers in the Tri-State and Minnesota areas to watch their cable network TV channels over web and mobile. It involves FilmOn taking a share of FTTH’s customer fee for this screen-shifting service.

This HD video distribution business, which doesn’t get mentioned much in FilmOn write-ups, may be the most promising legal business avenue for the company. The recent furore over TV restreaming may turn out to have been just a technology proof-of-concept that could win FilmOn actual partners in the online content distribution market.

5 Responses to “FilmOn To CBS: ‘We’ll Fight You Hypocritical, Thieving Liars’”

  1. Chris Bagley

    Put up or shut up: If Alki thinks Viacom is being hypocritical, then he should convince the appropriate party to sue it to keep it from facilitating illegal downloads.

    I hope there’s more to the four networks’ strategy than this lawsuit against FilmOn. They’ve got to develop their own streaming alternative that consumers prefer to sites like FilmOn. Hulu is a good start for them. They’ve got to go further. They could even branch out to specialized video sites like that offer social networking or other enhancements as added value to the content.

  2. ImJustAn AverageCitizen

    viacom / cbs sucks. people forget the main issue here. they are suing youtube for infringing copyrighted material yet they turn their backs and distribute illegal software. software that infringes many peoples rights. that is what is wrong. i hope alki wins. i hope youtube wins as well since viacom is continuing to nag about being “the victim” even though they themselves have done wrong.

  3. John Q. Public

    Alki David clearly needed more love as a child. He seems desperate for attention and it’s just embarrassing. While his points about CBS’ hypocrisy are indeed valid, he has gone about his venture in bad faith and has given a nascent industry a black eye.

    Between his lawyer copying and pasting ivi TV’s lawyer’s work — and getting caught by the judge, to blatantly lying about the number of users they have, or don’t have if the truth is told, the whole thing is a desperate PR stunt that serves only to inflate his ego and allow media conglomerates to use the “p” word.

    The iPad solution FilmOn offers cannot sustain streams without an app because it is a CPU hog and it causes the iPad to crash. One can find plenty of upset users who have made the unfortunate decision to try it out. Perhaps there will be a class action lawsuit for the alleged fraud brought upon users who believed FilmOn’s claims.

  4. rapsody10

    I hope Alki wins. He’s a great guy. It’s that people should worry about. They allow free streaming of sports, television shows, movies and Illegal stuff like cockfighting and bullfighting. People report these illegal cockfighting broadcasts and it doesn’t get banned till days later. No admins to be seen. Along with the perverts and pedophiles harassing young teenage girls with no Admins or Staff monitoring these channels. If you try to help them clean it up, they give you a 24 hour chat ban and allow the perverts and pedophiles run free in other channels. I personally got banned 5 times for “reporting” obsene channels and return TOS broadcasters, which they allow people to return after breaking the rules. needs to be investigated not for only their content, but for their lack of support and actions. So many older men that are in their 30’s and 40’s going into 13 year old girl’s channels and asking them to show and get naked. They even post personal information and get away with this stuff. No admins or staff monitor these channels. It’s pathetic and sickening. Yes, some of them do get banned but not by normal means like reporting, the admins must have certain friends that they only listen to or by outside blogs that expose it.
    And their own Terms of Service doesn’t allow children under 13, but everyday you see children and babies being broadcasted. Not right.