What iOS Apps Should Be in the Mac App Store?


Now that the Mac App Store (s aapl) has a definite release date not too far off, I started browsing through my large collection of iOS applications with one question on my mind: Which of these would also make great Mac apps? Some, of course, already have OS X equivalents, but there are many more that don’t. Here’s a short list of the ones I’d most like to see make the jump.


This is possibly a strange request, since Instapaper works pretty well as a browser-based application, but I’d still love to see it. The Instapaper and Reeder apps provide the best reading experiences on the iPhone and iPad, in my opinion, and Reeder for Mac already proved that kind of experience can translate successfully to the desktop. A similar Instapaper iOS app with a full-screen reading mode would completely satisfy my Mac reading needs.

Angry Birds

It may be ideally suited to a touchscreen interface, but I still think Angry Birds could work on the Mac. Especially now Apple’s Magic Trackpad allows all Macs to use touch-based input. It won’t be as satisfying as slinging those avian tools of destruction just by touching them, but it will likely still provide many hours of distraction.


Considering the social network hasn’t even released an iPad app yet, this is probably asking for a lot, but I would love a native OS X Facebook client. The web is great, but I actually prefer using the iPhone app most of the time, because I find it less distracting and easier to navigate. The best part is that it strips out all the third-party applications, which is probably also the reason an OS X Facebook app will never happen.


I like having a messenger system that replaces texting on the iPhone, and I’d love to see it be able to reach the desktop as well. Having either of these would help make other IM clients obsolete, and keep me truly connected everywhere without having to actually be signed in to a service (so long as they worked persistently in the background the way they do on the iPhone). In the same vein, an app like Viber could work well for providing a dedicated iPhone-to-Mac voice calling solution.

I could go on and on about other apps and games I’d enjoy using on the Mac, but my point is made: There’s huge crossover potential for successful iOS apps in the Mac App Store.

What iOS apps do you think would work best on OS X?

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The facebook question – why don’t you just ask for the website to be redesigned – what is it you feel can be achieved in an app and not in a browser?


> What iOS apps do you think would work best on OS X?

On Mac OS. iOS apps already run on OS X.


Pandora, Netflix, and Pulse come to mind. I don’t like using a web browser for everything.

Ed Hands

News Aggregators, Book Readers, Pandora, Flixter.

(Although I kind of concur with Alex, but I think they would need to have some sort of emulator to port over all of them. Something like that found in the SDK. So it wouldn’t really be that had to do, but I don’t think that is the focus and intention of the Mac Apps store.)



Be interesting to see if Osfoora can compete with the current Twitter apps…


I think everyone has it wrong for the App Store. I think App Store for the Mac will simply make the applications you already know and love easily available for new Mac users. I don’t think this means there’s going to be cross-compatibility between iPad and iPhone apps, unless of course the developers go that route.

We’ll see, I suppose. Very possible I could wrong.


This selection is not creative at all.
Instapaper is ok, but Angry Birds, really? The mac needs more gaming, but do you think we’ll be satisfied with iphone games on a 21.5″ screen?
What we need is more productivity on the mac. Real apps, please!


I’m not sure how you find the Facebook iPhone app less distracting. Personally, I find that I can barely use it because it my feed is flooded with posts. It seems that the iPhone app ignores your choices regarding hiding posts from particular people or pages, and just displays all of them. I have a lot of hidden pages, but when I go into the iPhone app, I can’t even find my friends posts because the entire feed is filled with garbage nonsense from these pages.

If they fix that, then yes, maybe I’d prefer the iPhone app too.

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