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Vid-Biz: Comcast NBC, comScore Video Metrix, Cablevision

Comcast/NBCU: No Basis For Online Conditions; if there were any doubt that the FCC is considering putting online conditions on the Comcast/NBCU merger, Comcast ended it today in an exparte filing. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Facebook, Hulu Lost Video Viewers In November; new stats from comScore indicate that both companies failed to match past performances last month, with Facebook losing a spot on a top ten list and Hulu falling off it. (WebProNews)

Cablevision Board Approves Rainbow Spinoff; after little less than a month of consideration, Cablevision’s board has decided to spin-off its Rainbow programming unit as a separate company. (paidContent)

Netflix Using Oprah’s Support to Drive Subscription Gifting; the savvy marketing team at Netflix has been able to leverage Oprah’s vote of support into a highly visible gift giving strategy. (BTIG Research)

Tribune Media Services Acquires CastTV; TMS customers will now have access to all the metadata necessary to create entertainment-discovery guides directing consumers to programs available on linear, on-demand and online video platforms. (press release)

Cable Penetration Hits 21-Year Low; according to Nielsen data, cable penetration represented 60.7 percent of households in November, down from 61.7 percent in November 2009. (TV News Check)

Major League Gaming Utilizes Brightcove for New; the largest video game league in the world chose Brightcove to support the launch of its new video portal. (press release)