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Congrats to Our Cr-48 Winners!

Wow, I’m not sure if our readers are more interested in the Chrome OS (s goog) or if they just like to get free stuff! Our Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop giveaway generated a tad over 1,000 comments in under 48 hours, and although some were just variants of “pick me!” there were many insightful comments on the future of Google’s Chrome OS as well.

As promised, we picked five random comments, so here are the folks that will get a Cr-48, complete with 100 MB of free mobile broadband per month, to try out for themselves. Congratulations to thefive lucky folks below, along with their comments:

  • Sebastian: “Seems to be more the future of computing. Pretty excited to use this as a daily device. 100MB is really the bare minimum data package you would be able to get by on though.”
  • Rob:”I’ll admit I’m a huge fan (mostly) of what Google does and have experienced the good (gmail, gchat, gmaps, Nexus one, etc) with the bad (buzz, wave, G1 phone). So I definitely would be interested to try Chrome OS out and be part of the beta cycle!”
  • Schreinbo:”Would love to try it out as well, go with living in the cloud and see if I can do it. I have all but abandoned office on my personal PC so this seems like the next logical step. Josh M is cheating! No sucking up to James and Kevin! P.S. Love the site!”
  • Spector17: “pick me – i luv chrome!”
  • dustinross14: “i love google and chrome and am dying to get the new notebook! :D”

Thanks to everyone for participating, and a special thanks to Google (s goog), who is providing the Cr-48 notebooks for our winners. If you’re one of the lucky five, someone will be in touch with you via email to get your shipping information. And if you didn’t win but still want to beta test the Chrome OS, Google is still accepting names for potential candidates. Meanwhile, maybe Om’s impressions of the Chrome OS computer will tide you over until you get one of your very own.

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2 Responses to “Congrats to Our Cr-48 Winners!”

  1. I got one from Google. No particular reason why I was picked. I did not exaggerate, or make wild assertions about what I would or wouldn’t do.
    I like it enough, but still need my home laptop for my Password manager, finance manager and a few other things.
    I tried to listen to Pandora a while ago, but when the laptop went to sleep (8 minutes), Pandora stopped.
    Hulu also had studdery video, too.

  2. I never win :( why you didn’t picked the winers considering the original purpose of the Pilot program? I really wanted to be involved in this revolutionary OS called Chrome OS by testing & sending feedback to Google team. This is what I do every day, is my job to assure the quality of the software products. Have a nice day!