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Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, YouTube Terrorism, Time Warner-Netflix

Web Video Future at Heart of Comcast, NBC Review; just as the online video market is starting to take shape, regulators have an opportunity to help protect its future as they scrutinize the Comcast-NBC Universal deal. (Associated Press) Related: Viacom Raises Red Flags On Comcast/NBCU (Multichannel News)

YouTube Is Letting Users Decide on Terrorism-Related Videos; YouTube has been criticized by lawmakers for refusing to pre-screen militant speeches and propaganda videos cited in more than a dozen terrorism investigations over the last five years. (LA Times)

Time Warner Views Netflix as a Fading Star; Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes compares Netflix to the Albanian army and says its streaming economics won’t add up. (NY Times)

Netflix’s Move From DVDs Shows The Value Of First Sale Doctrine; it costs Netflix about $15 to buy each DVD, but to license a single movie title the industry wants $16 million for a two year license. (TechDirt)

DISH Network Disconnects CSN California; satellite provider DISH Network has defied a federal arbitration ruling in its carriage fee dispute with Comcast and dropped the Comcast Sports Network California from its lineup. (iSuppli)

Roku’s New Firmware Upgrades XR from 720p to 1080p; the latest firmware v2.9 is available now for all models of the Roku player. (Roku forums)

Comcast Tests New Service That Combines Internet, TV; Comcast is testing a new service that knits together television and the Internet, as the U.S. cable giant goes after rivals that threaten to undermine its business. (Wall Street Journal)

Video Startup ‘Big Think’ Finds Profitability; New York-based Big Think, which launched in early 2008, is serving some 5 million monthly video views and has reached profitability. (Beet.TV)

Forecast: Trends That Will Shape Online Video; growth will come from online video, but overall dollars will remain small. (MediaPost)