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We’re Giving Away Chrome OS Laptops!

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Google (s goog) last week introduced the CR-48 Chrome OS notebook, which uses a browser and no native apps, but the device will never be sold. Instead, the company ordered sample units, reportedly 60,000 of them, and opened a beta program for testers to try the unbranded CR-48. Samsung and Acer are expected to begin selling real Chrome OS computers by mid-2011, which provides Google with ample time to work out kinks in the browser-based CR-48 test machines.

We have our own Chrome OS laptops for testing, but it turns out that Google has a few extras for us. Instead of arming our office with cloud computers, we’re going to give away five Chrome OS devices to our readers! The only caveat is that you must reside in the U.S., because that’s where Google’s beta test for Chrome OS currently takes place. The devices come with 100 MB of free monthly mobile broadband service from Verizon Wireless (s vz).

So how do you get a Chrome OS laptop from us instead of waiting for Google to draw your name out of the beta program hat? That’s easy! Just leave a comment about Google’s Chrome OS  in this post and we’ll pick five at random. We won’t be judging comments, so “pick me – i luv chrome!” is satisfactory, but we’re curious to hear what you really think about Google’s Chrome OS effort. In other words, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on Google’s vision for future computing.

Oh, and make sure you enter a valid email address in the comment form; we can’t circle back to you if we can’t get in touch with you! We’ll keep the comments open until 6pm PT tomorrow, Dec. 14, and then we’ll randomly pick five CR-48 recipients. Don’t wait because this window of opportunity closes quickly!

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1,018 Responses to “We’re Giving Away Chrome OS Laptops!”

  1. Kevin Marino

    Developments like Chrome OS definitely have their place. Currently experimenting with JoliCloud and the realization that a thin client today is a viable solution for many tasks is quite nice.

  2. Edwin Mercado

    I’m interested to see how Chrome OS holds up with daily use. I haven’t read much about it’s offline mode, but I have to be able to access certain thing, documents for example, while offline.

  3. Ellen Sweeney

    Would love to give Google’s Chrome OS a try. Just switched over to the android operating system on my phone. I’m using an LG Optimus from Sprint, so I’m a newbie when it comes to Android, but love giving new things a try.

  4. I am usually quick at signing up for stuff but this time I was too late. Definetly would love one of these and sort of do a challenge to see if I could use this as my only PC for a week. I believe one day this will be the future so it’s exciting to see it at the early stages of cloud computing.

    • Alex Mazo

      Well for people who use the majority of there pc to browse the internet, this would make the experience light speed with no other process running,it would start up super-fast and once it does you are connected to the net believe browsing would be amazingly fast on this thing, if anything you could get this for browsing and have either a different computer or a different partition for everything els you might do, the speed of this makes it more than worth it!!