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IAB Head Rothenberg Named Time Inc.’s Digital Chief

This is probably the biggest change during Time Inc. (NYSE: TWX) CEO Jack Griffin’s three-month tenure: Randall Rothenberg, the president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, has been named EVP, Chief Digital Officer of Time Inc., a new position at the company. The IAB says that a search for a successor to Rothenberg has just begun.

Rothenberg will leave the IAB, at a time when the organization is gearing up for a major fight to keep the self-policing status for the online ad industry’s behavioral targeting practices.

It’s also an important statement about the place of digital at Time Inc. three months after Griffin succeeded the retiring Ann Moore as head of the company. In recent weeks, Griffin has reorganized the marketing team at Time Inc.

Rothenberg had just celebrated his fourth year at the IAB. Before that, he had been serving as senior director of intellectual capital at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he has been responsible for the company’s thought leadership operation. His book, Where The Suckers Moon, which sharply detailed the problems Suburu had when it tried to create a sleek ad campaign that failed to sell any cars, is still considered a must-read at advertising agencies.

As Chief Digital Officer, Rothenberg will be in charge of strategy across the magazine’s editorial, advertising, content, technology, consumer marketing, legal, research and marketing services. He’ll also be expected to examine potential digital acquisitions and ad-supported and subscription-based digital content.

Lastly, Rothenberg will be Time Inc.’s voice on Next Issue Media, the print publisher digital storefront joint venture that it helped found last December, replacing Monica Ray, who had been managing Time Inc.’s paid content strategy. Ray left the company in August to take on a new job at Condé Nast.

Having Rothenberg on the board is designed to maintain Time Inc.’s strong say at Next Issue, which was initially led by former Time Inc. vet John Squires. He had left the company to get Next issue off the ground. Squires was out, however, after Next Issue hired former TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) exec Morgan Guenther as CEO in June.