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CNBC Launches New Desktop, Mobile Subscription Offering

As part of its efforts to expand its “real-time” market data to mobile and the desktop, CNBC (NYSE: GE) is launching a new subscription product that includes global market information from over 100 exchanges worldwide, live access to CNBC global programming and Real-Time (NYSE: TWX) price and news alerts. The new, CNBC-Pro replaces the existing subscription product, CNBC-Plus, a video-on-demand offering. The 16,000 CNBC-Plus subscribers will instantly be transitioned to the new offering, which will be available on the desktop and Blackberry.

There will be an iPhone and Android version available for CNBC-Pro sometime in Q1, a CNBC rep told paidContent. A survey of CNBC viewers showed that 60 percent of its audience has a Blackberry, so it made the most sense to start there.

At launch, CNBC Pro is being sold with the “introductory price” of $24.99 a month or $269.99 a year.

CNBC already has free mobile apps on iPhone, Android — and as of last week, the iPad — as well as the Blackberry. But “Pro” promises a bit more, such as push notifications for pre-selected market movements and news, access to more than 200,000 clips, and an array of customization features for the desktop and phone.

More details are available in the video below:

3 Responses to “CNBC Launches New Desktop, Mobile Subscription Offering”

  1. Mike Carver

    Maybe David Kaplan could update this article. CNBC Plus was NOT just a Video on Demand Service. It was primarily a CNBC TV LIVE STREAM with the added benefit of Video on Demand.

  2. steve jones

    Agreed. What a joke. Are you kidding me with this new service? $25 a month for your quotes. Hello! Who cares. I only used the service to get CNBC on my computer. Thanks for the Bloomberg TV suggestion. I am going to use that.

  3. Disenchanted

    “CNBC-Plus subscribers will instantly be transitioned to the new offering” This did not happen to me. When I pulled up my normal link to CNBC-Plus, I was redirected to a web page trying to sell me the much more expensive CNBC Pro service. I had been warned in an email a few days earlier that CNBC Plus was going to be significantly upgraded, but the email said nothing about the service being eliminated altogether. Since it looks like they have just slapped the face of all their loyal CNBC Plus subscribers, I have a hard time imagining everybody wanting to pay 2.5X more for the new service. Really, at this point I’m not even sure that CNBC Plus is actually gone, since they never made an official announcement. Any way you look at it, this was a very poorly done transition. While looking for alternatives, I stumbled upon Bloomberg TV, which streams for FREE on their home web page. Really, this whole problem could have been avoided if CNBC Plus subscribers had been informed of the change, and their options. What I have to do now is figure out if CNBC still has my credit card info, and if they’re going to start charging me for a new service that I don’t even have access to. I mean really, what are they expecting from me? I go to my old CNBC Plus link, and they offer me the Pro package at 2.5x the cost, and I’m just supposed to jump on it because I love CNBC too much? Seems like arrogance to me. Or perhaps they are so proud of their new product that they just didn’t pay much attention to the loyal subscribers that supported the network for so long. What a shame.