CNBC Launches New Desktop, Mobile Subscription Offering

As part of its efforts to expand its “real-time” market data to mobile and the desktop, CNBC (NYSE: GE) is launching a new subscription product that includes global market information from over 100 exchanges worldwide, live access to CNBC global programming and Real-Time (NYSE: TWX) price and news alerts. The new, CNBC-Pro replaces the existing subscription product, CNBC-Plus, a video-on-demand offering. The 16,000 CNBC-Plus subscribers will instantly be transitioned to the new offering, which will be available on the desktop and Blackberry.

There will be an iPhone and Android version available for CNBC-Pro sometime in Q1, a CNBC rep told paidContent. A survey of CNBC viewers showed that 60 percent of its audience has a Blackberry, so it made the most sense to start there.

At launch, CNBC Pro is being sold with the “introductory price” of $24.99 a month or $269.99 a year.

CNBC already has free mobile apps on iPhone, Android — and as of last week, the iPad — as well as the Blackberry. But “Pro” promises a bit more, such as push notifications for pre-selected market movements and news, access to more than 200,000 clips, and an array of customization features for the desktop and phone.

More details are available in the video below: