Quick Tip: Report Spam to Keep Your Gmail Inbox Cleaner


Over 90 percent of all email messages are spam. Most email providers have filtering systems that do a pretty good job of catching spam messages. But every so often, there will be a surge of spam messages that get past the filters to pollute our inboxes. I’ve noticed more spam than usual lately, so here’s a tip that may help reduce future messages.

When you get a spam message, don’t open it, but don’t trash it right away. You should first report the message as spam to your provider. Here’s how Gmail (s goog) and Google Apps users can report spam. Other mail systems have similar procedures.

  • If you’re using Gmail’s web interface, check the box to the left of the sender’s name, then click “Report spam.” The mobile web interface has a similar option.
  • If you check mail using IMAP and a mail client like Outlook or Apple Mail, you can report spam by moving messages to the folder called [Gmail]Spam.
  • If you use the Gmail app for Android, check the box to the left of the subject line, then click the Menu key and select Report Spam.

How do you keep the spam level down in your inbox?

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