HTC to Suppliers: We’ll Ship 60M Handsets Next Year

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has informed suppliers at a conference this week that it expects to ship 60 million handsets in 2011. That’s a phenomenal jump over the respectable 20 million handsets it will ship this year. The company has ridden the explosion of Android (s goog) in the smartphone segment, and is embracing Windows Phone 7 (s msft) with handsets like the HD7. The company’s outlook is very optimistic by anyone’s standards, as tripling the production of its best year would be quite a feat.

HTC has seen quarterly shipments increase each period for some time, due to the popularity of the Android platform. The big forecast for next year must be affected by the release of Windows Phone 7, which occurred too late in 2010 to have much impact. The company isn’t indicating how it expects shipments next year to be divided between WP7 and Android handsets. HTC may want to rethink this forecast if Windows Phone 7 factors heavily in the increase, based on initial reports since the platform release.

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