Dec. 10: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


If there was cloud computing news today, Amazon Web Services was involved. Its new 5TB object limit in S3 made quite a splash, as has EC2 in Ireland, where it now accounts for one-third of all web-facing servers. While AWS is attracting new fans with new services, others — like Cisco with cloud developers and Datameer with Big Data business users — are trying.

Big Just Got Bigger – 5 Terabyte Object Support in Amazon S3 (From Hacker News) I fournd this Hacker News thread on Werner’s post pretty interesting, so I though I’d share. Of course, I have my own take, which involves providing an ideal place for companies like Netflix to house HD video.

Cisco Wants Cloud Developers (From Forbes) A nice little writeup about what Lew Tucker’s doing at Cisco. How Cisco will go about getting developers is a question I think will be answered with a big acquisition next year.

Strong Growth for Amazon EC2 in Ireland (From Data Center Knowledge) This is a very telling statistic about the demand for cloud computing, even outside the United States. It would be interesting to see a comparable study here, but AWS has too much competition diluting the results.

Closing the Gap Between Big Data and People Who Need It (From O’Reilly Radar) Products like Datameer’s are the future of Hadoop for the same reasons PaaS is the future of cloud computing. IT has to be useful for the users who really need it, without requiring assistance from the infrastructure folks.

WikiLeaks’ Assange to Be Indicted for Spying ‘Soon’ (From The Register) I believe I called this last week, and suggested this is why Amazon really booted Wikileaks. Regardless the veracity of the charges, there aren’t many public companies that want to be connected to espionage.

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