Net:Work 2010: Live Coverage


Our concept of work is rapidly changing. Mobile technology, improved broadband, and cloud-based enterprise services mean that teams are no longer limited to location — they are dispersed around the country and sometimes even the world. Companies now can find the best talent, wherever it is. We call this concept “the human cloud.” Just as cloud computing disrupted the idea of computing and corporate IT infrastructure, the human cloud is disrupting centuries-held notions of work.

Today, at our first-ever Net:Work event at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, we’ll examine how the human cloud is disrupting work and talk to the people developing the technology, addressing the new management practices needed, and making online collaboration work in their own companies. Our livestream of the event begins at 8:15 a.m. PT, and we will be live-blogging the onstage sessions throughout the day. The Twitter hashtag is #networkconf if you want to join the conversation.

Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at

Live-blogged stories from the event:

  1. When It Comes to Collaboration, Technology Is Overrated
  2. Want 240 More Work Hours a Year from Employees? Think Mobile!
  3. To Succeed, Collaboration Technology Must Be “Invisible”
  4. Future Leaders Will Be Those Who Can Manage Technology Shifts
  5. Crowdsourcing Allows for On-Demand Work Capacity
  6. At Cisco, Employees Drive Adoption of Collaboration Technology
  7. Organizations Must Get Out of Their Comfort Zones
  8. Can Constant Change Yield Collaboration? Accenture Says Yes.
  9. Salesforce Embraces Chatter to Obliterate and Remake Itself
  10. Elastic Workforce Is Passionate, Productive
  11. The Cloud Enables an Agile Workforce
  12. Companies Turn to Social Tools But Information Overload Looms
  13. How Design Can Unleash Innovation for Distributed Workers
  14. Voice Rules With Simple Tools
  15. Collaboration May Be a Pain but SaaS Makes It Simple
  16. Two-Thirds of Workers Would Take a Pay Cut for Flexibility
  17. Unleash Employees to Remain Relevant
  18. Integrating Social Collaboration into Workflow
  19. Social Tools Make Managing Remote Workers Easier
  20. Intuit Wants to Cash in on Mobile Context
  21. Social Networks Allow Companies to Call on “Contingent Workforce”
  22. Special Report: High-Impact Collaboration in the Enterprise

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