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If You Hate Meetings, You’ll Love This. Online Meetings at

Forget the commute. There’s no need to rush to the conference room. Have your meetings online, for free, at How will you use it? Here are a few time-saving — dare we say, life-saving — ideas.

1. Walk through your presentation.
There’s nothing worse than sending over a PDF before a meeting and having your client sneak a peek before you talk. Instead, start a session so your participants can see one page at a time while you share your point of view.

2. Collaboratively build a document.
Start a session to brainstorm on a topic, wherever you are. You can keep a document going live so everyone can see the updates as they happen. In the end, when your document is complete and agreed upon, you can instantly transfer it to everybody.

3. Have an impromptu meeting.
Good ideas don’t always happen when a meeting is scheduled. Grab your colleague on the fly whenever genius strikes by sharing your screen at It’s an instant ad-hoc meeting.

4. Start a cult.
The point is, you can do whatever you want with because it’s so flexible, easy and instant. If you want to get people together and on the same page, whether it’s for a business presentation or to convince everyone to wear red sneakers and worship some lesser-known sea creature, then hey, to each his own.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Head over to and start your meeting now.