Green Overdrive: The Electric Wheego LiFe Falls Short [video]


After the weird launch of the two-seater electric car the Wheego LiFe at the LA Auto Show last month, I was eager to drive the car to see how it held up. Turns out, while the LiFe does drive on battery power, it just doesn’t have the feel of a smooth, comfortable, mass-produced car. It’s being sold for the same price as Nissan’s LEAF, but is far inferior in quality. OK, I’m a little harsh in the video, but just sayin’!


John Paul

Hey Katie,

Have you done a video reviewing the Leaf yet? I searched around and couldn’t find it but perhaps I’ve just not been very thorough. If not, hope you do one soon.




Maybe i’m wrong but when I put together your comments and those of the CEO, I almost get the impression that he means that Nissan/Renault, GM, Telsa et al will be unable to meet the demand for electric cars so everyone will start to settle for their B list just to go electric. Hope that’s not the case. I truly believe electric is the way to go. I just wonder if this car is the solution.

John C. Briggs

I hear you and you are right. Car manufacturing is certainly something you need to step into with deep pockets or not even bother trying.

That said, the comment struck me as a little arrogant. I am just more used to making arrogant statements rather than hearing them :).

Anyway, the review is helpful. Being all positive all the time doesn’t help anyone. I will stay clear of the Wheego Whip. This is the second negative review I have seen.

John C. Briggs

Katie Fehrenbacher

@Briggs, I was referring to the fact that startup EV companies seem to launch and really don’t seem to have a competitive offer. Since it’s pretty expensive to launch a car company (see Tesla) I’m not sure why people think this is a good idea.

John C. Briggs

“Unless you guys have some revolutionary technology, what are you doing?”

The same might be said of Gigaom TV. Not exactly earth shattering not media format.

But I tease you. Thanks for the video. The Wheego Whip does seem to be too little too late.


I’m always amongst the first people to criticize “joke-mobile” electric cars, but I’m impressed with the look of the LiFe.

It’s better looking than the SMART car, and because of the SMART’s popularity here in New Zealand I’m confident it would sell well here.

You’d need to move the steering wheel over to the correct side however…

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