Gmail for Android Updated With Priority Inbox

The folks at Google (s goog) must never rest, as the update just released for Gmail for Android demonstrates. The new Gmail is available for Android 2.2 and above, and adds some nice features, including support for Priority Inbox. The new Priority Inbox view can be set as the default display when Gmail is run, and special notifications can be configured to alert you when a priority message is received. It’s not a full implementation of the desktop version of Priority Inbox, but it’s much better than earlier Android versions.

Composing email is easier in the new version, especially choosing to reply to all recipients of a message. The Reply All function can now be configured as the default, something I’ve wished for many times. It’s now possible to reply to an email by entering text inline with the original message, a nice touch. Sending email has also gotten more flexible, as a message can now be sent using any email address configured in the desktop Gmail account, and not just the default address on the phone. This is very useful for those with multiple accounts who need to send an email from another address.

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