Elastic Workforce Is Passionate, Productive


Alex Edelstein, Sharon Chiarella, Doron Reuveni, Maynard Webb at Net:Work 2010What have been the lessons learned about “the human cloud” and the elastic workforce in the enterprise? That’s just one of the questions posed for a panel of experts on crowdsourcing at GigaOM’s Net:Work event.t

As Niel Robertson of Trada mentioned, “We each work with customers in a different way,” but certainly, there must be lessons in how to apply and use that elasticity within a business, and one of the most important ways, as noted by Maynard Webb of LiveOps, is “how passionate people are when they work on their own terms.”

Beyond providing flexibility in how people are able to work and collaborate, the elastic workforce provides a way to deliver and enforce quality while adding the advantage of time, as Amazon Mechanical Turk VP Sharon Chiarella commented.

Alex Edelstein of CloudCrowd wondered if companies should “constrain our workforce by location,” but as he argued, “quality, time, and cost” are ultimately more important. Webb added, “globally, we ought to have a level playing field.”  Sharon Chiarella said there is “no reason to make a bet on one country or one infrastructure” in today’s setting.

The underlying theme, as Webb noted: people should be able to “work on their terms,” and as Chiarella stated, “technology allows people to have a choice.”

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