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It’s Okay If You Confuse Comedy Central’s Logo For A Copyright Symbol

Comedy Central held a small press conference today to herald its new clean, minimal logo: a small “c” enveloped in another larger, backwards “c” with the word “central,” inverted. If it looks kind of like an “@” symbol, that’s on purpose, says the network, which just released new iPad apps for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and “America’s most horrific web videos” series Tosh.0. The idea is to better demonstrate its multi-platform qualities. This replaces its MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA) unit’s 10-year-old logo, which was simply “Comedy Central” in block letters over a globe sporting bending skyscrapers. But a number of people in the room seemed to think the Viacom cable property’s new logo also looked very much like a copyright symbol.

Bob Salazar, SVP/creative director, brand creative for Comedy Central, didn’t seem to mind when the similarity was mentioned, though he didn’t touch on the ironic symbolism at work, given that Comedy Central’s parent Viacom just filed an appeal in its $1 billion copyright suit against Google and YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG). In large part, the suit was brought over the unauthorized Comedy Central clips that had been appearing on YouTube.

Side-stepping that issue, Salazar merely said that the channel “Wanted a brand image that responds to the variety of multimedia options viewers access our content on,” such as the iPad and other interactive devices. “The Comedy Mark is an amalgam of all the things we’re doing.”

Below is a video of what Comedy Central is doing and how the “Comedy Mark” is supposed to make that point.

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