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WorkWyze: Simple Online Team Management

WorkWyze is a team-based task management app that’s designed with the needs of team leaders in mind. It has a simple workflow that makes it easy to delegate, track and prioritize tasks.

WorkWyze’s task assignment system is built around around a simple task request/response workflow. Anyone can create a task (complete with tags, a description and a due date) and delegate it to anyone else; they can then mark the task as “accepted” if they’re ready to add it to their task list. Once a task is done, the person carrying out the tasks marks it as “Complete” in WorkWyze and a notification is sent to the task requester asking them to confirm that the task is actually done with. WorkWyze makes it clear who owns each task and what its status is at any time.

It’s possible to keep track of everything that’s going in the team via an Activity Feed that’s reminiscent of Facebook’s newsfeed; it  displays all of the team’s activity and can also include status updates.

I like WorkWyze’s straightforward workflow approach, but the app is still in beta, and it feels like pre-release software in places. Some features are a little rough around the edges, and the design of the site could definitely do with some work. In particular, I’d much prefer it if tasks were identified by name rather than by ID number, as it would make it easier to see what’s going on. There’s also some additional functionality that I’d like to see included: when creating a task, for example, you can only add a link to related documents, not upload the actual documents themselves. The site is supposed to work best in Firefox and Internet Explorer (s msft), but it worked OK for me in Chrome (s goog).

WorkWyze is currently free to use; a Google account is required to sign up.

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