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Today of All Days: Triumph of the Small

In the world of independent production, there’s a lot to be said for keeping one’s concept in scale with the production value available. A well-made short can ultimately be more rewarding than a sprawling, yet substandard, series. Today’s example: the action comedy miniseries Today of All Days, which will never be confused with an epic piece of narrative, but pulls off its objectives with flair and originality.

“Today of all Days” Episode 1: Two Seconds from Today of all Days on Vimeo.

A three-episode series directed by Jared Ward and written by Drew Cohn and Josh Negrin (who’s also a producer on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show), Today focuses on the friendship between Michael (Cohn) and his childhood best friend Scotty (Negrin), who are on their way to Michael’s wedding — until, that is, Scotty’s work as a private contractor pulls them off course. The result is a clever combination of deadpan comedy, action and actually affecting male bonding.

Taking place over the span of about 30 minutes with one primary location, Today is a fun, fast-paced ride with some solidly funny moments. Some of the CGI effects aren’t fantastic, but the action scenes are surprisingly well-staged for what’s clearly a low-budget production and the sound is top-notch.

Episodes are in no way standalone — the experience is relatively similar to a broken-apart short film — but it’s a fun way to spend ten minutes. Especially, that is, if you don’t mind a slight stretching of believability and enjoy Call of Duty references.

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