Pirates Love Movies & E-books, Shun MP3 Files

File types indexed by Findthatfile.com.

MP3 file downloading has gone out of fashion, making way for movie and e-book downloads, according to new data from the media search engine Findthatfile.com shared exclusively with NewTeeVee. Findthatfile, which indexes files on Rapidshare, FTP sites, Usenet servers and P2P networks, found that MP3s are still widely available, but the demand for free digital music files has clearly waned.

File types indexed by Findthatfile.com.

Most popular amongst downloaders are movies and other video files with the extension AVI, followed by e-books in the form of PDF files, .RAR archives and .TTF font files. MP3s, on the other hand, are just slightly more popular than .DLL Windows library files. The picture looks a little different when it comes to the availability of files. PDFs  are still by far the most available file type, but MP3s rank second, followed by various types of file archives.

Most requested files on Findthatfile.com
1. AVI (video) 6. MPEG (video)
2. PDF (e-book) 7. ASX (Windows media)
3. RAR (compressed) 8. MP3 (music)
4. TTF (fonts) 9. DLL (Windows library file)
5. ZIP (compressed) 10. TOR (BitTorrent)

Does that mean people aren’t interested in downloading music at all anymore? Not necessarily. Single MP3 file downloads may have been partially replaced by downloads of full albums, distributed in the form of .ZIP or .RAR archives. But there are also a lot more choices for the casual listener to get their music fix.

In fact, impulse-driven single song downloading may have been replaced by YouTube music video viewing. Eight of the ten most-viewed publishers on YouTube are now artists or record labels. These music videos are increasingly a source of revenue for labels and their partners as well. Rhianna, Justin Bieber and Eminem all bring in over a million dollars per year through their YouTube videos alone, according to recent estimates.

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