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Google Has 60,000 Chrome Notebooks to Share

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Google (s goog) announced a test program for Chrome OS at a press event yesterday, and it’s clear they mean business, as the company has taken delivery of 60,000 of the test notebooks. The Cr-48 Chrome notebook that Google demonstrated yesterday will be sent to lucky applicants chosen by the company to test Chrome OS on the special unbranded notebook.

Inventec is the manufacturer making the Cr-48 for Google, and has confirmed sending 60,000 of them to the company. That’s a lot of notebooks for a test program, which shows how serious Google is taking the development and ultimate release of Chrome OS next year. Having so many test systems in the program is good news to those of us who signed up for the program after Google announced it yesterday; there’s hope we’ll get a system to test.

The Cr-48 is a 12-inch notebook with an Intel (s intc) processor, oversized trackpad and integrated 3G being supplied by Verizon (s vz). Google has claimed it sees over 8 hours of active use on a single charge of the battery making it a true all-day computer. The long battery life is helped by the lack of a spinning hard drive, as Chrome OS is designed for systems with flash memory only.

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4 Responses to “Google Has 60,000 Chrome Notebooks to Share”

  1. Red Riding Hood

    Why would you want to become a smelly Google Sheep. Upon entering Mountain View one instantly notices a foul odor originating from the dark side of the city near the GooglePlex, home of schmitty and his two bros.

    Once you cross over to the dark side you cannot come back because that foul odor stays with you FOR LIFE !!!

    Be careful what you wish for…

    • >>Be careful what you wish for…

      I wish this site had less people who treat a brand, company or manufacturer of any description like some kind of religion, lifestyle choice. They’re computers/phones/similar. They’re tools, not altars.