Dec. 8: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Believe it or not, there was cloud activity today outside of buying Heroku, although nothing quite as fascinating. What struck me was Oracle defining Java victory on its own terms, Microsoft countering with the forthcoming SQL Azure Reporting, SAP’s mission to obsolesce the BI stack and open source expert Matt Asay leaving Canonical.

Apache and Google Airbrushed from Oracle’s Java Victory (From The Register) This is just funny, and indicative of Oracle’s view of the world. A lot of people want Oracle’s tactics around open source and lock-in to be its demise, but it won’t be.

Clarifying the Terms Around MapReduce (From the Data Blog) If you’re at all confused around Big Data jargon, this is a great post. As you’ll see, Hadoop and MapReduce are not the same thing.

Microsoft Readies Public SQL Azure Reporting Test Build (From ZDNet) Databases might be the next battleground in cloud computing, with announcing yesterday. This new Microsoft offering sounds like a winner, mixing infrastructure and apps.

Cloud Will Render BI Stack Irrelevant: SAP (From Network World) I covered this topic in a Structure blog interview with SAP’s CIO last month. One thing SAP seems to have in mind is device-neutral access to data and BI tools.

Open Source Leader Matt Asay Leaves COO Position At Canonical (From OStatic) Don’t know how big an effect this will have on Canonical, but hopefully not too big of one. It’s doing some great things with Ubuntu and the cloud.

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Image courtesy of Peter Jordan.

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